Make it Bespoke Rug

16TEN Rugs are delighted to provide a fully custom service to assist designers in creating their own unique, bespoke rugs. Designers have the freedom to specify the desired quality, size, material, and color for their custom rugs.

If designers have a particular color in mind that should match their existing scheme, 16TEN Rugs can match it precisely. Alternatively, designers can choose from the studio’s extensive library of 2400 tufts, which offers a wide range of color options to suit their preferences.

Once all the details for the custom rug are confirmed, 16TEN Rugs’ CAD teams will create a rendering to represent the rug design. This allows the designer’s client to review and approve the design before the rug enters the sample production phase, ensuring complete satisfaction.

For designers seeking inspiration, 16TEN Rugs offers a carefully crafted range of custom samples and qualities which can serve as a source of inspiration for designers working on their bespoke projects.

With their commitment to customization and attention to detail, 16TEN Rugs strives to deliver exceptional and personalized rugs that meet the unique requirements and preferences of designers and their clients.


Hand knotted qualities take the longest time to produce since they are so labour intensive, however we promise the rugs will be worth the wait! Since the full rug making process is completed by hand, there can be variations in the dying, weaving and finishing which increase the beauty of a hand made rug.

These small discrepancies and your bespoke design will ensure that your rug is utterly unique.


Hand loomed rugs have quicker production times than other constructions meaning they have lower production costs and are subsequently often the most affordable option for a bespoke design.

Hand loomed rugs can be designed in textures, boxes, stripes and other regular geometrical designs and when made as flat weaves the rugs are even reversible!


Hand tufted construction is great for complicated designs that need to be produced in big or shaped pieces. Many different techniques and colours can be used in a single rug meaning it is possible to make diverse and very beautiful flooring.

Hand tufted rugs are made without tying any knots but by tufting yarns through a canvas which means they have faster production lead times than hand knotted rugs.


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